Process & Pneumatic Pipe Fitting

OTS works in all industrial facilities which have pipe work, and the primary function of these pipe works is to convey all the material used for manufacturing process. Base Construction Inc. can assist the client with pipe installation, pipe material selection, pipe routing design and implementation, pipe support design and installation, selection of valves both manual and control, P&ID development and implementation, pipe testing, pipe painting and labeling, and pipe insulation and heat tracing. Our highly qualified pipefitters make the codes requirement applicable and possible.

OTS is renowned for its commitment and maintenance of safety and health programs that follow safe practices and reduce the occurrence of unsafe working conditions. We are up-to-date with the industry compliance regulations and we have been recognized by our industrial clients as having an industry-leading safety process incorporating all of the major elements recognized as industry “Best Practices.” Your company will benefit from our general, specialty, industry specific, and / or site specific safety services.

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